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Fritsch announces partnership with California Nanotechnologies to provide advanced material processing services

Pittsboro, NC, June 1, 2023 – FRITSCH Milling & Sizing, Inc., the US subsidiary of FRITSCH GmbH, announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with California Nanotechnologies Corp. (“Cal Nano”) to collaborate on new business development opportunities. The agreement intends to complement and support each party’s technologies and capabilities and bring a wider range of solutions for client industries and access to markets that would have otherwise extended beyond the reach of one party.

Fritsch and Cal Nano will aim to offer competitive, cost-effective, and time-sensitive proposals for a complete portfolio of services in material grinding, milling, particle size reduction, mechano-chemistry, and mechanical alloying. The collaboration includes but is not limited to, the sharing of sales and marketing resources, equipment provisions for application development, and trials or demos to showcase fit for larger program commitments.

“We are excited to be solidifying our partnership with Cal Nano as we collectively look to target new customers with both development services and scalability to existing applications. Fritsch has been working with Cal Nano for several years and recognizes their strong reputation for expedient and high-quality services. As an entity that values continuous improvement along with new discoveries, our combined forces will help to meet the evolving customer needs in materials science,” said Melissa Fauth, President & CEO of Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

“We are thrilled to have this collaboration with Fritsch as they share our vision for the advanced materials space. Working together, we expect to leverage our collective expertise and resources to drive new business development opportunities. Cal Nano is in a unique position to offer services ranging from the research and development phase all the way to commercial-scale production, and believe this flexibility is important for our growth,” stated Eric Eyerman, CEO of California Nanotechnologies Corp.

The MOU shall remain in effect for two years and will auto-renew for one-year periods unless otherwise canceled by either party.

FRITSCH Milling & Sizing, Inc. is the US subsidiary of FRITSCH GmbH, an internationally respected manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing. FRITSCH Milling & Sizing manufactures a large portfolio of precision products which enables the company to address the precise milling, sieving, dividing, and sizing needs of customers in multiple industries. FRITSCH products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of many industries including chemistry, ceramics & glass, agriculture & forestry, plastics & textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, and more. FRITSCH application specialists provide worldwide consulting services that quickly and simply find the most suitable laboratory instrument for customer applications. Founded in 1920, the company is committed to building on an over 100-year history of innovative development and production of premium instruments and to providing outstanding service to customers worldwide through a global network of sales offices and partners.

About California Nanotechnologies Corp.
At Cal Nano, we envision a world in which our advanced technologies are used to help make the most innovative products on this planet and beyond. We are trusted by global leaders to help push the boundaries of applied material science by utilizing our unique technical expertise and vision. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Cal Nano hosts a complement of advanced processing and testing capabilities for materials research and production needs. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies to startups with programs spanning aerospace, renewable energy, defense, and semiconductors.

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